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The sermon of Vasiliy Voytovich

Vasiliy Voytovich shared some words of how to organize oneself in a ministry and how to be a good father.

We invite you to attend a seminar on Christian calling

The seminar will be held by Margaret Gibb, a famous Canadian speaker with Ukrainian roots who is a founder and a leader of organization called “Women Together”. Margaret visited various parts of the world including Ukraine.

Doctor of Practical Theology Program. Second enrollment. Reformation begins with education

Nowadays in Europe and America, which restored evangelical movement in the countries of the former Soviet Union in the nineties, theology is becoming a liberal movement that blurs all foundations of the church. It is time for Ukraine to make contribution in support of and in development of the world evangelical movement.

Teambuilding. How to unite a team?

A team is best united when it spends time together and ministers together.

By using portable equipment we held evangelization at the very center of Truskavets resort where people from all the regions of Ukraine and from the whole world come. We were telling about God’s love and family values, were praising God and praying for the needs of people and for Ukraine.

Training and counselling seminar on Church planting program for bishops and pastors

“The greatest value is human soul. To bring people to Christ is the most important, and this is the primary objective of church”; “To maintain unity and sound doctrine, not to humiliate others, not to go to extremes”.



If you have any questions or you would like more information regarding training in the seminary, we will be happy to answer you..

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