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East European Leadership Forum

East European Leadership Forum takes place once a year but it takes the whole life to prepare for it. At such events the floor is taken by speakers who have proved themselves as experts in a particular sphere and have practical experience in issues which were covered during such sessions as Apologetics, Church leadership, Church and Civil society, Evangelization, Missionary work and church planting, Education, Family ministry, Students and young professionals, Art, Media and communication.

Session of the Master of Theology program

November 27 to December 1, 2017 Evangelical Theological Seminary held the last for this year session of the Master of Theology program.

Message that influences the youth: God is not a punitive agency. Church does not set limits! Jesus Christ is a testimony of God’s love and a chance to gain freedom and eternal life!

In June 2017 a graduate of Evangel Theological Seminary (Ark missionary school) Ruvym Glabets together with thirty-one students completed their training. And he went on a mission to plant a church in a mountainous town in Lviv region where Ukrainian ethnic groups of Hutsul and Boyky live. The citizens of that town engage mainly in farming and lead an isolated way of life. Some of them have never visited their regional center, not to mention another cities or countries.

3 principles of success for a God’s minister

We are encouraging our graduates by the fact that Martin Luther who inspired the Reformation was their colleague, a theologian and became a leader and a teacher of the movement that changed the history not only of his country, but also of the whole world.

Church planting program for leaders/ coordinators

The second day of Church planting program for leaders/ coordinators has passed in training and communication.



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