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IACEF Conference

In Kiev the next reporting and elective conference of the International Assembly of Christians of Evangelical Faith (IACEF) took place.

September 3, 2018 a resident program of Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology has started.

This event was possible thanks to collaboration of Global University, Evangel Theological Seminary and New Generation Church. Unlike the Western and Central Ukraine, where a lot of spiritual educational institutions have long been opened and are operating successfully, in the East of our country there is a great need for launching Christian educational programs.

A missionary is a person with a mission!

Very often Christians are afraid of the word “missionary” because they associate it only with a trip to Africa, Asian or Near East countries and say, “No, I am not a missionary!” Is it really so?

June 11-15 a session of Doctor of Ministry program is taking place.

June 11-15 a session of Doctor of Ministry program is taking place.

Roman Solovy teaches Contemporary Protestant Theology course.



If you have any questions or you would like more information regarding training in the seminary, we will be happy to answer you..

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