Seminar is a great opportunity where theory is necessarily based on practice. Doors of the Evangelical Theological Seminary are open for seminars on theology and modern society problems, missionary work, leadership and church management.

Training is the method of active learning, aimed to develop the knowledge and skills of theological and social attitudes. This is a form of learning and information transfer. From lesson or lecture training differs in  a teaching method. The material is recited, worked out and fixed in trainees' minds.

This is achieved due to the fact that the leader throughout the entire training is actively working with motivation of the participants, stimulating their interest and arousing a desire to make a speech as part of their personal experience. The main difference between a training and an individual consultation is that during the training each participant’s experience and skills become available for everybody in the group.

Thus, an individual perception of the problem and getting out of it extend at once. What gives the participation in training to ministers, leaders, teachers? First of all, new experience, a better understanding of themselves, and therefore a better understanding of other people. The training can help  modern Christian leaders to be more successful and professional in building the kingdom of God on earth.

Theological Conferences are forms of scientific theological activity where researchers present and discuss current issues. Through participation in scientific conferences of the Evangel Theological Seminary we are forming a modern theological worldview, critical thinking and provide a solution to the current issues.

All abstracts and scientific articles of our conferences are published in the section Scientific Articles on our website or in the Theses and Scientific articles Collection of our seminary.


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