Foundation of faith


WE BELIEVE that Bible is the word of God Himself. The Scriptures are inspired by God and can be applied to our daily lives.

WE BELIEVE that there is only one eternal God who is the Creator of all creation. He reveals Himself in three persons (commonly known as the Trinity): God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. He is infinitely loving and absolutely Holy.

WE BELIEVE that God created man perfect, but sin has separated each of us from God and His purposes for our lives. Mankind has lost the relationship with Him and cannot restore fellowship with God  by their own efforts.

WE BELIEVE that the Lord Jesus Christ, both human and divine, is the only one who can reconcile us to God. He gave us an example of a holy sinless life, died on the cross instead of us, paid for our sins and rose from the dead, proved His victory over sin and gave us the power to live a righteous life.

WE BELIEVE that the only way by which one can reconcile with God, receive forgiveness and the new spiritual birth is to repent of their sins, believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord and submit to His will in our lives.

WE BELIEVE that in order to live a holy and fruitful  lives that God has prepared for us, we must be baptized in water and filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. And we must be baptized by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit moves through us and allows us to use our spiritual gifts, including speaking in tongues.

WE BELIEVE that God has personally equipped each one of us with everything we need to ensure that we successfully achieve His goals in life. And these goals are: worshipping God during the whole life, fulfilling our role in His Church and serving the generation we live in.

WE BELIEVE that God wants to heal us, to change us and make real miracles in our lives. God's will for us is to live healthy and prosperous lives and effectively help others.

WE BELIEVE that Jesus Chris is the same yesterday, today and forever. We believe in the power of healing and miracles and freedom from the curse, addictions and sufferings.

WE BELIEVE that not only by knowledge, but by faith we come closer to God, we experience miracles and we see God’s movement in our life.

WE BELIEVE that the final destination of every life journey is eternity: either heaven or hell, and the choice depends on us, on how each one of us responds to the call of the Lord Jesus Christ to follow Him.

WE BELIEVE that the Lord Jesus Christ will come back again during His Second Coming, as he has promised to take to Himself His Bride – Church.



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