We are sure that science is a perfect bridge and opportunity to equip people from different countries, cultures and sectors of society. We want to raise theologians and professional leaders for the church, unite and take the initiative to develop effective tools necessary for people from different countries of the world. We are sure that with the help of our seminary education and theological researches we are able to bring changes and contribute to the successful development of a modern society which is trying to find effective mechanisms for its functioning. Only scientists with right foundation of faith and true Christian values can achieve these goals.

PROGRAMS AND PROJECTS of the Evangel Theological Seminary:

  • Pastor's Department;
  • Missionary Department and church planting;
  • Scientific conferences, training seminars;
  • Family counseling;
  • Advanced Training Programs for ministers, leaders, teachers of Christian churches and religious associations;
  • Online library with access to scientific researches;
  • Online resources for pastors and ministers;
  • Online resources for successful teaching and teacher's network.

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