The aim of the Evangel Theological Seminary is connected with the desire to sow DREAM, attract, train and develop through a model of higher theological education spiritual leaders, teachers, theologians and solve the problems of churches,  unions and religious organizations which are the part of the World Assemblies of God, for the sake of the proclamation of the name of Jesus Christ throughout the world for  people of all generations.


  • theologians to form the evangelical and protestant values ​​that are necessary for the implementation of the Biblical way of life and building a healthy society;
  • instructors of theological disciplines and religious studies;
  • consultants and specialists in the field of social patronage and work in society;
  • pastors, preachers, evangelists, missionaries for the opening of new churches and the salvation of sinners;
  • modern leaders with theological worldview, biblical foundations to form the evangelical and protestant values ​​that are necessary for modern society.


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