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sfesfSince 2000 Evangel Theological Seminary has been the premier Pentecostal seminary in the post-Soviet world. Hundreds of our graduates fill leadership positions in their unions and pastor churches in their respective countries.

ETS was built by the Assemblies of God in partnership with the IACEF (International Assembly of Christians of the Evangelical Faith), an organization made up of leaders from all the countries of the former Soviet Union. We are an international seminary, strategically located in Kiev, Ukraine, easily accessible from all over the Russian-speaking world. Because of our international identity, members from any union are welcome on our campus.

Our goal is to be a forum for the free and open exchange of ideas and perspectives from the many different brands of Pentecostalism and Evangelicalism. We are evangelical in our theology and Pentecostal in our practice.

For thirteen years, our goal has been to provide graduate-level training for church leaders. We are accredited by the Euro-Asian Accrediting Association (EAAA), and we can only accept students with accredited BA degrees or their equivalent. Because of the shortage of accredited undergraduate programs in the Slavic world, we have recently begun an accredited baccalaureate program in partnership with Global University (GU) in Springfield, MO. GU is a world-wide academic institution with offices in over 150 countries of the world.

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Dr. Arnold Lastinger

Honorary President

Telephone: +38 (044) 527-94-89



Unique ONLINE program “BA in Bible and Theology” has been designed for students who want to get, enrich and enhance their academic knowledge in Bible and Christian theology and get practical experience of its application with the aim of spreading the Kingdom of God on the earth.


Thanks to cooperation between ETS and Global University in the USA, which is a member of North Central Association in the USA and accredited by Higher Learning Commission, BA degree will have full accreditation. North Central Association accredits such famous educational establishments in the USA as University of Chicago, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and many other prestigious universities.


1. To promote spiritual formation of students as future Christian workers.

2. To enrich and enhance knowledge and understanding of the Bible, to give basis of biblical interpretation, theoretical and practical theology, Christian history and missions, theological research, general academic education with deep study of English.

3. To give and develop skills of practical application of acquired theoretical knowledge in the context of ministry of Evangelical churches and missions.

4. To form an ability to evaluate reality theologically and participate in the process of development of this reality.moodle6


  • Certificate of Secondary Education.
  • Transcript and copy of diploma from other educational establishments (if any)
  • Recommendation of your pastor or bishop.
  • Application form


To see the list of courses click HERE:

You can find course descriptions in Academic Catalog of BA Program on our web-site. To access it click HERE.


You can see an introductory course “Orientation to BA program at ETS” in order to understand how our program works HERE


Vasyl Voitovych and Ed Schlak attended the Mobile clinic service

6_6_6In Ukraine there are a lot of sick people. Many people in villages have never done fluorography. Medical mobile clinic "Hope in Action" having a slogan "only Christ heals wounds and soul", arrived in village Bolshaya Snitynka with a clinics physician Nancy Vespetal and other Christian doctors to serve the local people. They were able to get x-rays, ultrasound, treat teeth, make a blood test, talk to counselors and listen to a sermon. The Word of God, "Love God and your neighbor" was preached by Vasyl Voitovych, who took part in the service together with Dr. Ed Schlak.

Tent ministry is one of the common Christian ministry in the Ukraine. During the week in Vyzhnytsya, Bukovina people could attend seminars on family conflicts, led by Vasyl Voitovych. They also prayed together for Ukraine.


3_3Today, more than ever, young people affected by sin. Alcohol, drugs and immorality destroy their body and soul. The families created by such people are not sound. Thats why there are so many divorces, broken lives and children living in single-parent families. The future of Ukraine belongs to the young people. Only Christ and the Word of God can change a person and give him or her the power to live a righteous life. About four thousand young people gathered July 9-16. 2014 in Malin to take part in various seminars, listen to the word of God and glorify God. Vasyl Voitovych service of the introduced ETS to the audience and shared the word on the topic "Choice in our live."

Arnold Lastinger and Vasyl Voitovych at a seminar in Indianapolis

2_2At the invitation of Institute Overseas Counsil Dr. Arnold Lastinger and Vasyl Voitovych attended a seminar Foundation for Leadership in Theological Education, which was held June 16-20, 2014 in Indianapolis. Among the participants of the seminar there were leaders and presidents of Bible colleges and seminaries from many countries. Overseas Souncil works using a method called Trained Multiplied. During the week the famous teachers: Munuel Reano, David Baer, Scott Cunningham, Phil Tait and others lead the seminar. The online program of leaders training is designed for one year.

Dear brothers and sisters!

We invite you to a seminar on training marriage and family counselors.

The speakers are:

Andr BukovAdrian Bukovynskyi - candidate of philosophical sciences, an expert on family policy and family relations, president of the charity fund "Family"

Dr. James M. Harris - professional counselor, professor of Global University, USA.

J. HarrisThe seminar will be held on 8-13 September in the premises of Evangel Theological Seminary (57, Holosiyivska Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03039).

The seminary provides accommodation and three meals daily (125 hrn/day).

For registration please call us at 044-527-94-89 or send e-mail:

conference  The Vice-President of ETS, Vasiliy Voytovich took part in the All-Russian Conference (RCCEF) on " Humility, Dedication, and Revival" , which was held May 1-4 in Moscow. 

  The conference began with praise, and God's presence was felt. The speakers were anointed preachers from Israel, USA, Singapore and other countries. The Russian Church has a vision to reach with the word of salvation the multi-million multi-national country of Russia, and to open thousands of new churches. 

  The revival in that country will come only through humility and the dedication of Christians. In these difficult days for Ukraine, Russian brothers and sisters prayed fervently for peace, appealing to God to intervene in the difficult situation in our country. Without God's help, the people don’t know how to overcome this present crisis.

  • The only thing constant is change.

Video of ETS


A sermon preached by our president, Dr. Arnold Lastinger in 2014.

 The year was 1949. I was 10 years old. World War 2 was over and the world was taking a rest from the ravages of war. The place was a tiny little village called Parvos on the Island of Lewis in the Hebrides chain of islands off the western coast of Scotland. The Reformed Church (Presbyterian) in Barvos was spiritually dead. More>>


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